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More and more people are discovering how easy it is to buy and sell virtual currency. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are more than trading and investing. Nowadays you can also find a good Bitcoin casino where you can use your bitcoins to bet on games. Salvador introduces bitcoin as one of its payment currencies. Since 2021, bitcoin has been approved by the government

How can you play at a Bitcoin casino?

To be able to play at a Bitcoin casino, you must of course have bitcoins. The easiest way to get this is to buy the currency through a Bitcoin broker online. You can buy with regular fiat money and you do not have to deal with Bitcoin mining or anything like that to get the money.

You can choose to have a Bitcoin wallet online on a platform where you buy and trade the currency. But it is advisable to have a wallet on your computer and maybe also on a hard drive that you can put away and save in a safe place.

Then do the following:

  1. Find a good Bitcoin casino that is secure and has the games you like.
  2. Create a new gaming account.
  3. Choose Bitcoin as the payment method.
  4. Make a deposit.
  5. Receive a welcome bonus if you want it.
  6. Play loose!

Important to remember

Bitcoin casinos are not uncommon and you have several really good sites to choose from. But there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to virtual currency games that are not relevant. For example, there are security risks with having bitcoins on an online wallet.

When you play at a Bitcoin casino, you will have your virtual money on their server for a while. Then it is important that they have a secure solution for managing Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. What we need to remember is that bitcoins that disappear will never come back. It is not possible to trace where they are going.

If you can move your bitcoins from the casino account as soon as possible, it may be wise. This reduces the risk of them disappearing in the event of an intrusion. Because it is so fast to send virtual currency between you and the casino, it is no problem to make a new deposit when you want to play again.

The size of a Bitcoin gives us decimals

Something that many do not think about is that a single Bitcoin can be worth hundreds of thousands of kronor. If we take the example that a Bitcoin stands at £43 038,81. Then you realize that you will not deposit a whole Bitcoin at the casino!

It is rather a question of a hundredth of Bitcoin or less. This gives us a lot of decimals to keep in order. This is not more difficult than calculating what bitcoins are in right now, but it will look a little different both when you make a deposit at the casino and when you make a withdrawal.

Some believe that this is something that makes it not at all convenient to play at a casino with Bitcoin. It is up to you to decide if it works or not. But just remember that it will be about decimals and not whole bitcoins unless you are a high roller who can play for thousands pounds in one night.

Bitcoin casinos are without a UK license

As I said, it is difficult to find a UK casino with a license that accepts virtual currency. This can of course change, but we must also remember that the UK rules for online gaming mean that it may be better to look at casinos without a license to play with bitcoins online.

When an online casino with Bitcoin does not have the UK license, you must remember to look at which license they have. If it is a casino that exists within the EEA area and that does not target UK players, you do not have to pay tax on your winnings.

If it is a casino with an EU license that actively addresses UK players without obtaining the UK license, you must pay tax. This even if you play with Bitcoin. The same applies to casinos that have licenses from other countries that are not part of the EEA.

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