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You may have wondered why many of our favorite casino slot machines are on many different sites? This is because it is almost always a game developer who is behind the casino games and not the site you are playing on. A game developer is a separate company that creates the games but usually does not have its own casino but lets casino sites have their games on their site.

Imagine a casino as a pasta shelf in your nearest grocery store. Here you will find everything from Swedish instant macaroni to exclusive Italian pasta varieties. One day you may be craving something simple while the next maybe something else fits better. A casino works the same way but instead of the pasta you have casino games. Some are produced by a supplier, e.g. NetEnt while others are programmed by Microgaming. One day you are craving a little Starburst while the next day it is Immortal Romance that counts.

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Amatic Industries is a software developer with a wide repertoire, which among other things develops casino games. The company was founded in 1993, and has since established itself well in the online casino industry. Almost 90 casino games have so far been developed by this productive company.

In addition to game development, however, they have also made themselves known for manufacturing gaming systems and terminals for casino games. In this way, Amatic takes control of the entire development chain of their casino games, from game design to machine technology. The company's headquarters are located in the Austrian town of Rutzenmoos, close to Salzburg and Vienna. From this business center, however, Amatic Industries collaborates with distributors from countries such as Mexico and Peru, but the USA and a number of other European countries.Back To Top

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Amaya Inc.

Amaya Inc. is a well-established company in the world market in games and interactive entertainment. Not to be confused with Amatic which is another manufacturer. Since the start in 2000, Amaya has been involved in the development of mainly poker, casino games and odds. With headquarters in Montreal, Canada, the company is well integrated into the North American market, but also has offices in Europe, Asia and South America. Globally, their network of subcontractors also forms the largest poker-based business in the world, with over 97 million customers today.Back To Top

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BetOnSoft was founded in 2006 and is a privately owned company headquartered in the United Kingdom and with offices in 11 countries. In 2014, they decided to change their name because they felt that BetOnSoft did not properly reflect their personality. The new name was Saucify, which in a more fair way reflected their unique and innovative range, which they are both very proud of and have received several awards for. BetOnSoft, or Saucify, has over 110 different games and customers worldwide to whom they deliver games that have been adapted to fit into each unique environment.Back To Top

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Endorphina is headquartered in the Czech capital, Prague, where about 50 employees work. The company has been around since 2012 and has since developed about 40 different games, based on Flash technology, with a strong focus on user-friendliness. They create games that not only work well but are also atmospheric and beautiful so that the overall experience is as good as possible. Many people who like Endorphina games also like games from iSoftBet, Playson and Nyx.

Endorphina has also invested heavily in introducing the digital currency Bitcoin as a payment alternative, as it has become popular in the casino market because, due to its digital form, it does not need currency conversion.Back To Top

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Microgaming is an old fox in the industry who dared to claim that they were absolutely first in the field of digital casinos when they were founded in 1994. Whether this is true or not is almost impossible to determine when so much was started on that front in the 90s, but the hard The facts that exist are that Microgaming has many years of experience behind it, which outshines many younger developers.

That something so big is based on anything but the giant Isle of Man is hard to imagine, but this colossus for game developers has not sounded its isolated upbringing stop its progress. With more than 800 unique casino games under their belt, not many can keep up with the same release rate and their titles have found their way into almost every casino in the industry.Back To Top

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Where else would the game maker Genesis Gaming have its headquarters if not in the world's casino capital, Las Vegas. The company that programs and delivers some of the network's most fun slot machines has chosen to specialize exclusively in slots, which seems to have created a good focus that means that game after game is delivered with the highest quality and creativity. Sometimes a company manages to create a game that stands out in the crowd, something that little Genesis Gaming has managed to do several times. Machine-Gun Unicorn, Temple of Luxor and Bier Fest are just a few examples of gold nuggets that we have found among their range of games.Back To Top

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Net Entertainment, often known by the abbreviated name NetEnt, is one of the largest companies in the industry and you can with some patriotism in your heart also announce that it has its roots in Sweden. With over 200 games created and collaboration with hundreds of casinos, they have come a long way since they were formed in 1996 as part of the Betsson Group. In 2005, NetEnt took its first steps as its own company and since then it has only gone up. In 2011 they released their first mobile game and only two years later they started with live casino. Today, Net Entertainment has a staff of close to 700 employees and there are no signs that they will stop growing in the near future.Back To Top

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A number of years ago, there were two smaller developers in the casino industry: Wagermill and The Gaming Lab. Both companies lacked resources and the opportunity to enter the international market. A merger seemed like the best option so that both could fill the gaps that prevented them from moving forward.

slot machines from geco gaming

Said and done: Today is the result of the merger with offices in both England and Australia. Now under the name GECO Gaming, they have released a dozen games and they work with both Flash and HTML5. It promises both high quality as all games have been developed over the past three years and good compatibility thanks to the choice of format.

In addition to this, they also offer GECO RGS, which is a platform with the goal of making it easier for both developers and the sites that choose to support said developers' games. For a developer, the service provides a single contact to lots of potential customers, while the service for operators instead gives them a massive gallery of developers they can procure products from. So this is a part of the casino industry where everyone wins.Back To Top

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Novomatic, founded in 1980 by the Austrian businessman Johann F. Graf, aims both to focus on promising technology and to protect its players. This has led them to develop various systems to improve user experiences and prevent minors from accessing the material. The company has over 24,000 employees in various parts of the company group, of which approximately 3,300 are located in the main operations in Austria. They currently have over 540 games and, in addition to online games, also develop physical slot machines and operate casino halls in several places in the world.Back To Top

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Play'N Go is a small company located in the small town of Växjö in the middle of the Småland primeval forest. What started as some tech-savvy friends around 1997 became a company in 2004 that today has almost a hundred games behind it.

Play'N Go was among the first on the market to realize the potential of mobile casinos and, according to many, also absolutely the first to produce slot machines for just this. Today, everything is developed in HTML5, which has the nice bonus that almost everything becomes compatible with mobile and tablet at once.

They also offer their GAT, a Play'N Go Game Account Toolkit, which allows third-party developers to use their software in product development, as well as the ability for casinos to easily integrate third-party games into their respective offerings.

Despite their modest size, Play'N Go is not afraid to share and donates to the Childhood Cancer Foundation, among other things, so you can feel a little extra warm inside when you play on their slot machines.Back To Top

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Playson is a company in the industry that fell on the scene around 2012 and since then has spread surprisingly far geographically. Today, the company has offices in Malta, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia with about 250 employees spread across these locations.

Under the belt, they have just over 30 games and even though the vast majority are slot machines, they have also tried video poker, table games and roulette, so you can only expect the gallery to grow.

Playson primarily works in Flash and HTML5, which makes their games adapted for, among other things, phones without excessive extra work, and since they have also started using Microgaming's platform Quickfire, it can be said with certainty that all titles run smoothly wherever they are offered.Back To Top

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In 2008, the small company Pragmatic Play in Panama began delivering games to casinos around the United States. At first, however, they were called TopGame and it was only after the name change in 2015 that the business really took off, which was also part of the purpose of the change.

Using both HTML5 technology and Flash, they create games for both desktop and mobile devices. Pragmatic Play aims to deliver entertaining games for both iOS and Android devices as well as to desktops and currently they have been able to develop approximately 150 games. Among the games there are both slot machines and table games such as roulette and blackjack.Back To Top

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Thunderkick Casinos is a relatively new Swedish gaming company, which despite the tough competition has managed to enter the global casino market. The entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by a great deal of innovation and a willingness to experiment with the gaming medium in its software development. Nevertheless, Thunderkick also manages to maintain a serious attitude in its creation.

Thunderkick has roots in NetEntertainment, one of the world's leading manufacturers of mainly video slot machines. Thunderkick, like this older gaming company, locates its operations in Stockholm, and thus lives close to the other popular, Swedish casino manufacturers, such as Quickspin and ELK Studios. Despite this, Thunderkick is a company that is responsible for all aspects of product development itself, and manufactures both the games and the software platforms entirely under its own auspices. Join us on our website.Back To Top

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Yggdrasil is just like a bunch of other game manufacturers Swedish. It was started by Fredrik Elmqvist, previously highly regarded at Net Entertainment, in September 2012 and is thus to be regarded as something of a freshman on the market. However, Yggdrasil has grown at rocket speed since the start. From having niched itself to developing not much other than various lottery games to today being a real challenger to the really big manufacturers of slot machines. As it looks, giants like Microgaming and Net Entertainment in the future seem to get it hot on their ears competitively.Back To Top

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Nyx Gaming Group was founded in 1999, and has since established itself as one of the most well-known gaming companies in the casino market. Today, they provide over 170 different operators in the industry with games, and as many as 90% of the world's leading online casinos also consider NYX as a reliable partner in the distribution of casino games. Their headquarters are located in Las Vegas, the world's casino capital, but the company also employs hundreds of people in countries spread across Europe, North America and Australia. Among them is an important headquarters in Stockholm, among Sweden's other well-known game manufacturers.

Like many other large gaming and software companies, NYX has games produced both through its own studios and also by leasing the game design to outside developers. This is done at NYX through their so-called OGS platform (Open Gaming System platform). However, the teams that go by the names Nextgen Gaming, Side City and Icecap Studios belong to their very own studios.Back To Top

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